Federico Delfrati is an Italian Artist and Musician based in Munich, Germany

Quoting his statement "Every aspect of reality interpreted by humankind’s curiosity and its search for meaning creates opposites and paradoxes, ethical dilemmas, vulnerability and megalomania."

Through different medium that encompass video, performance, music and multimedia installation, Delfrati's artistic production addresses the above mentioned thematics with an empirically oriented research process whose outcome often ends up in thought experiments with a DIY approach.

In this framework, his practice aims to discern the ambivalent image of a humanity in the face of nature that is vulnerable and manipulative, humble and megalomaniac, curious and naive.
His most recent project "Beresheet", consists of a music album that tells the story of the sixth mass extinction on Earth (the one caused by human action), to an audience amiably relaxed upon a bean bag shaped as a Tardigrade: one of Earth's most ancient and resilient creatures (at least one that survived all five previous planetary dying-outs). The narration brings the listener through five chapters that mirror different emotional stages when dealing with a catastrophe: from despair to rage, resignation, ambition and acceptance.

You can find more information about Federico Delfrati and their work here:
• Federico Delfrati - Website: https://federico-delfrati.com/
• Album - Download or Listen: https://federico-delfrati.com/portfolio/beresheet/
• Search "Federico Delfrati - Beresheet" on Spotify
• Around the World in 80 MB/s: https://aroundtheworldin80mbps.wordpress.com/
• Instagram Version: https://www.instagram.com/around_the_world_in_80mbps/channel


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