Jerry Kearns is an American artist, Cultural Activist, and Educator, based in New York City. 

His current solo show - "BLAM!!!" is featured at Frosch & Co Gallery in New York City until June 6th, 2021 and showcases a series of paintings made from 2016-2020. True to his philosophical view of art as a part of the healing process, Jerry was inspired by both personal and world tragedies. 

Over the last 40 years he has participated is countless exhibitions and cultural projects across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Art and Auction, Artforum. His paintings are in collections at the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum the Whitney Museum the Art Institute of Chicago, and the National Galerie in Berlin.

His work is described as “psychological pop” paintings that represent a multidimensional quantum universe. Juxtaposing varied modes of representation, presenting a visual mash-up that highlights how certain iconography expresses American belief structures. Compositions rife with conflict, questioning, contradictions and intrigue, depicting iconic figures sourced from Western popular culture engaged in perpetual power struggles. His characters fluctuate between protagonist and antagonist in a narrative that reflects our own constructions of reality – a matrix of thought where time and space are condensed and presented in a single, tense moment.

This discussion was recorded in New York City on May 2 2021 - The first half was at the Frosch & Co Gallery where he is currently having an exhibition. I want to give a thank to the Gallery director Eva Frosch for letting use the space.

* There is a about 7 minutes in the middle of the recorded where the sound went out on one of the mics - although the sound quality drops I thought it was important to present the entire dialog. 

The second half was recorded in his studio in Bed sty Brooklyn 

This episode is dedicated to the memory of his life partner the singer and songwriter Nora York.


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