VECTOR INTERVIEW - 01 - Eline Mugaas Lives and Works in Oslo, Norway

Eline Mugaas graduated from The Cooper Union  in New York in 1993. Eline’s work mostly focuses on collages and photography, aimed to provoke emotion using visuals of the architecture of our surroundings. From this, we are left to make both personal and worldly connections, such as the way architecture regulates our world. In addition to photography, Mugaas has also created films that explore similar themes. After spending the start of her career living and creating in the U.S., Mugaas eventually moved back to Oslo,  where she exhibited her breakthrough work, Let Me Be Your One Way Street, at Fotogalleriet. Since then, she has been living and working in her home of Oslo, Norway. Mugaas has shown her work at Kunsthall Stavagnger, The Museum of Modern Art, and Kunstnernes Hus Oslo.  Some of her most recent accomplishments include being awarded the prestigious  2019 Lorck Schive Art Prize from the Trondheim Kunstmuseum in Trondheim, Norway. In addition, you can see her most recent work at the Necessity of Dependent Clauses, at the Galleri Riis, in Oslo.

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